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A Brand Blueprint is a professional document that does many jobs:

Help boost sales. Reduce friction/ attrition. Define and refine your brand story.

Stop having to answer the same annoying questions

Position yourself for success


Helps your team speak with a clear and consistent voice.

Introduce the key benefits of your product, gather a legion of fans and telescope your personality into each and every engagement.


Assets created can include:


  • Taglines

  • Headlines

  • Brand Signatures

  • Mission Statements

  • Brand Story

  • Descriptive Lines

  • Proprietary phrases / trademarks

  • ‘About Us’ copy

  • Founder Bios

  • Campaign Lines

  • Team Bios

  • Brand ad copy

  • Copy Guidelines

  • Tone of voice guidelines




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 See what past clients have said:

“Enda was able to produce stellar on-brand messages for a range of channels,”

Sarah Moriarty
Brand Marketing Director
Blinkist, Berlin


“Enda helped us change the way we communicate with customers,”

Magnus Jern
CEO of TAPP Water


“Enda gave our company life through words. We’re very grateful for his work,”

Amanda Dau,
Founder of STICKS
Dallas, Texas


Me, staring into the middle distance.

Me, staring into the middle distance.


Enda Mac Nally
Freelance Copywriter

I have worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands, helped to develop new products and campaigns to capture people’s attention.

With an eye for detail, clarity of writing and 7+ years’ experience, I can help every brand to sharpen and craft their personality and messaging.

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