Every job is different, but the broad strokes are the same:


Introductory Phonecall

I ask that new clients set aside just 20 minutes so I can get to know your goals.

We’ll discuss your offering, your audience, and the unique personality of your brand. This is a great opportunity to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. I’ll follow this up with a recap email, giving us both a chance to cover anything missed on the call.


Project Proposal and Estimate

Next, I’ll distill the details discussed into a project proposal and email it to you for review.

By putting the challenges and obstacles you face into words, we can better decide on the specific deliverables required, amending this document as we see fit before officially beginning work.


Contract, Timeline and Invoice

Once we’ve agreed the scope of the project, I’ll send on any necessary documents.

This includes a CONTRACTPROPOSED TIMELINE and an INVOICE for the first half of the project fee (the first half must be paid up-front. The second half is payable upon completion).

ROUND 1: I'll get to work...

I’ll starting putting together a rough draft of initial ideas.

These initial creative solutions will be build on in later stages. I work closely with each client so we can be sure we’re producing the right material that will achieve the results you’re looking for.


CHECK-IN 1: Reviewing Draft 1.0

I’ll arrange a check-in call or email so we can discuss our progress so far.

We’ll have a chance to discuss the direction and tone of the work, and you can offer your thoughts, concerns and feedback before we progress to the next stage.


ROUND 2: Work on feedback.

I’ll build on our initial creative ideas.

By taking your feedback and thoughts on board, you can be more confident in how the final project will look, feel and work.


CHECK-IN 2: Feedback on Draft 2.0

A second opportunity to discuss the project’s progress.

We’ll check back in again to review this second round of work before moving closer to the finish line…



Huzzah! Our project is now done and dusted.

I’ll supply you with the final deliverables, and issue an invoice for the remaining project fee.